Office de tourisme de Guebwiller - Alsace

Jean-Marie Haag Domaine

  • Languages spoken : English
  • Languages spoken : German
  • Animals accepted : Yes
"A traditional winegrower, heir of a natural inheritance, passionate of my job, it is together with my wife Myriam that we wish to share with you our passion for the land, vine and wine. The vineyard of Noble Valley is privileged by its location, protected by the Vosges with one of the lowest rainfall, drying winds, these conditions allow high maturation and regularly the overripening of the grapes while respecting their delicate aroma and this is how high quality wines are produced. Upon your arrival at Soultzmatt, the Zinnkoepfle, classified as Great Wine, offers you an impressive landscape. This land is one of the peaks of the Alsatian vineyard. You can walk around while following the path marked out by panels explaining the different grape varieties and the history of local vineyard. The harvest of the whole domaine is done exclusively by hand in order to respect the expression of the grape, after a stay of several months in the wine cellar, the wines offer complex flavours, lengthy and a great delicacy. All gastronomic alliances are then possible. In order to offer you the best welcome, we recommend that you notify us of your visit. Looking forward to welcoming you. Jean-Marie and Myriam HAAG"
Piedmont (vineyards)
Piedmont (vineyards)
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