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Orschwihr is a charming wine-growing village on the Alsatian wine route, nestled in a valley between the vineyard and arid hills steeped in a Mediterranean climate. At its origin, the richness of the village was founded on winemaking, which benefits from sun-exposed hillsides, especially in Bollenberg and Pfingstberg.
This prosperity is visible in the presence of numerous peasant houses dating from the XVIth-XVIIIth centuries, particularly in the lower part of the village, with the upper part housing the quarters for workers and small wine growers.  A large part of the vineyard is classified among the "Grands Crus of Alsace (Vintages of Alsace)".
Its dry moors are known for their remarkable fauna and flora. The Colline du Bollenberg in particular benefits from exceptional sunlight all year round.

Geocaching (treasure hunt with GPS) discovery circuit
Wine cellars, visits and tastings
Walks in the vineyard – wine footpaths
Guided visit of the Orschwihr vineyard path with the Materne Haegelin cellar
The Chapelle du Bollenberg, XIXth c.
The Colline du Bollenberg
The Quarry trail: map available from the Tourist Office
The Alsace wine route
Explore the Natural Regional Park of the Ballons des Vosges
Hiking circuit: Orschwihr vineyard path
Village in bloom - "2 flowers"
Tennis court rental
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Accommodation (vacation rentals, guest houses) and restaurants

  • Stiehr-Mockers organ XIXth c.
  • The Ruins of the Château du Stettenberg, XIIIth c.
  • The Chapelle du Bollenberg, XIXth c.
  • The Quarry trail: map available from the Tourist Office
  • The Colline du Bollenberg

Tourism packages: guided visit of the Orschwihr vineyard path with the Materne Haegelin cellar followed by a visit to the cellar and a wine tasting every Thursday in July and August, geocaching (treasure hunt with GPS), independent visit
Practical services: area for camping-cars, accommodation (guest houses, furnished accommodation) and restaurants
Recreational equipment for children: playground
Amenities/related services: free parking for cars, regular bus service

Haxafir: Feu du bûcher des sorcières (Bonfire of the witches)

The Bollenberg is a hill at 363 metres above sea level, made up of Jurassian limestone and located between Rouffach, Orschwihr and Westhalten. Once a year during the night of 14-15 August, it becomes the scene of a ritual that attracts many pilgrims from the entire region. The small chapel at Bollenberg, which is accessed via a short steep road made of stones leaving from the East of the Village of Orschwihr, is lit up with the famous "bonfire of the witches". These are the conscripts, that is, the new recruits from Orschwihr, who burn an effigy of the witch on a spectacular bonfire.

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Key figures

Altitude 225 m − 573 m
Surface area 709 ha = 7.09 km²
Density 129 hab/km²
Latitude 47° 56' 08'' North
Longitude 07° 13' 59'' East
Population (2009) 987 habitants
Postal code 68500

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