Office de tourisme de Guebwiller - Alsace

Mountain bike route: Circuit du Haag

Crédit: Francis Kruch
  • Catering on spot : Yes
When you reach the Haag pass (1,233 m) and its farm-inn, having admired the beauty of the Lac du Ballon, you can relax and enjoy the magnificent viewpoints of the Grand Ballon summit and the Petit Ballon mountain.

Level: Very difficult
Departure: Guebwiller - Sandgrube
Distance: 38.40 km
Accumulated altitude: 1225m
Towns crossed: Guebwiller, Soultz Haut-Rhin, Jungholtz, Rimbach, Buhl, Lautenbach-Zell and Murbach

Topographic guide available from the Guebwiller and Soultz Tourist Offices.
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