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Mountain bike circuit: MTB Route by Jérôme Clementz

Munsteraeckerle à VTT Crédit: Francis Kruch
VTT au Judenhut Crédit: Francis Kruch
  • Catering on spot : Yes
A varied circuit starting from the Saint Barnabé Hôtel and Spa. This itinerary follows a wide trail that climbs gradually to the Schrangen pass, then reaches, via a wide, less sloping trail, the Wofsgrube pass. You then continue, still on a wide track, to Lieserwasen and then the Judenhut Pass. The descent first takes place on a trail to the prairie cord grass at Ebeneck. A small trail crosses the prairie, and continues through a forest to the Munsteraeckerle pass. The descent continues with a slightly wider trail that narrows on the approach to the Peternit pass. The end of the descent and the return to St Barnabé starts on a narrow and technical path before joining up with a wide trail to the starting point. But be careful! The climb might not be particularly difficult, but the descent is overall quite technical. This itinerary is for the most experienced cyclers. Your equipment must be of good quality and in good condition. You should also wear a helmet and where possible other adapted protective wear.
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